Payment Issues

Most of the time there will be no issues with any purchase you make, but occasionally you may find that you need our help. Unfortunate issues with your payments within the game should always and only be communicated privately with Customer Service. You should never reveal your banking and other sensitive data in public places such as Discord or Facebook.

In the majority of cases the bought items should be instantly delivered once a purchase has been confirmed, but should this not be the case please refresh your game and wait 10 minutes.

Should your payment not have been accepted please contact your provider.

Payment Declined Purchase Not CreditedCancelling a Purchase

There are many reasons why a payment can be rejected or declined. The most common are:

  • If there has been a previous chargeback for your account and/or credit card in the past, you can’t use this payment option any longer
  • You only have three trials to enter the right data
  • There is a limit on the number of transactions made within 48 hours for payment through a credit card or direct debit
  • Insufficient balance on the card
  • International payments not authorised by the credit card company
  • Some cards are not accepted by the credit card company (such as VISA Electron and VISA Gift Cards), so please try one of the other offered options

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