The Rail Nation Shop

The shop can be found on the top bar of your screen by clicking the gold button.  Once open you can purchase gold and take advantage of other benefits.

If you have any issues during a purchase some helpful information can be found here.

Bonus Engines

Instead of trying to win the bonus engines through the lottery, or a competition, you can buy some for gold in the shop. Once purchased you will only have use of the trains until the end of the round.  Should you re-start that round, or play on another game world, you will need to either win or purchase the trains again.  

Once you have 1000 prestige you can purchase them individually or as a package for each era, depending on the game world you play and which you already have.  If you do not wish to buy the bonus engines you may also win by scratching lottery tickets or win a competition (trains from previous eras only).  

Bonus Voucher Codes

If you are lucky, you may win a special bonus code thanks to an event on Discord, or you may receive some on other special occasions by email, on our Facebook page, or in-game. Once a code has been issued you can redeem it through the shop. Some codes may be available to all, whereas others may be a special prize just for you!

General codes can be redeemed at the top of the shop, but others when clicking through the face at the top right of the window before selecting the relevant option and entering your code. Please note that these codes are only redeemable on either a browser or through an Android device.

Daily Bonuses

Every day you login into your game world you can win a daily bonus in the shop. Once you have connected the normal bonus 13 times you will receive a mega bonus the next day, which offers you the chance to win an even bigger prize.

Full-Steam Box

If you have ever bought gold in the past you will be offered the chance to buy a full-steam box on game worlds, as long as you are below 1000 prestige on that specific world. This is a special package that can include a variety of extras depending on which box you select. It will always include gold, but can also include bonus trains, Plus Account, lottery tickets, and more. Once you have purchased a full-steam box on a game world you will not be able to do so again on that world. So make sure you pick the one that's right for you!


Packages can be bought with gold to give you a special boost!

Starter Package Era 1: Available for 125 gold if you have less than 600 prestige.

Era package (Era 2-6 only): Available for 250 gold in the first 24 hours of each era

Super Starter Package: Available for 399 gold during end game for a bonus when re-starting the next round of that world. Should you not start the next round of that world the super starter package is lost.

Plus Account

Plus Account membership provides you with additional benefits to help you improve your rail empire. You can reap the benefits for a limited time, after which your membership will expire and can be renewed with another purchase. If you are lucky, you may find free Plus Account membership from the daily bonus, lottery tickets, winning in-game competitions, or prizes at special events.

It is possible to find out how much time is left on your membership by checking the top left corner of your map, or within the shop.

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