How to transfer Gold in Rail Nation

Whilst playing Rail Nation there may be times when you would like to move your gold and Plus Account from one Game World to another. There are 2 ways you can do this:

  1. By deleting your Avatar (Article: How to delete my Avatar/Account?)
  2. Waiting until a transfer is automatically triggered at the end of a Game World

Where your Gold and remaining Plus Account can be moved to depends upon the Game World you want to move Gold away from and which of the methods above you choose. Special rules can apply when transferring gold to or from various event worlds, that is for example, Platform X, Fast Forward, Origin Journey, Masters, etc.

It is impossible to transfer gold to any game world that is inactive.

Regular Game Worlds Event Game WorldsCollecting Gold

For any other regular Game Worlds Gold and Plus Account can only be transferred between worlds within the same country. In all cases Plus Account can only be transferred if there is at least 1 purchased gold also available.

End of the Game World

At the end of the round all remaining gold and Plus Account are automatically transferred to the next round of that Game World. When the world restarts it will be there ready for you to use as you choose.

Should you not wish to complete in that Game World again you will be able to transfer any Purchased Gold and Plus Account by registering for the new round and then deleting your Avatar as per the rules below.

Avatar Deletion

Should you delete your Avatar whilst a world is ongoing only Purchased Gold and Plus Account can be transferred to another Game World within the same country. It is not possible to transfer any gold that has been won.

For example, purchased gold from a DE Game World can only be transferred to another DE Game World.

Note: It is possible to transfer gold between EN and N (nordic) game worlds.

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