How do I delete my avatar/account?

How do I delete my lobby account?

Keep in mind that you will lose everything you achieved in Rail Nation!

If you really want your Rail Nation game account deleted, please send us a ticket via, and we'll take care of it.

How do I delete my avatar (your representation on a Gameworld)?

Go to the settings (the tools-button on the top right) and go to "Transfer Gold"

Click on "Delete avatar"

After pressing "Delete avatar" you see a popup explaining that if you log in that gameworld during the next 3 days the deletion will be cancelled.

Press "OK" and you'll be sent to the lobby.

Now the deletion process has started. It takes 72 hours to complete. Entering the game world during that time will cancel the countdown. Keep in mind that if you want to delete your account, it will again take 72h the next time you start the countdown. 

Once the deletion is done, your transferable Gold is moved to the lobby. See here for details.

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