How do I delete my avatar/account?

There may be occasions when you decide that you no longer want to play on a game world to try another or would like your whole Rail Nation account to be deleted.

Game World Avatar Deletion Full Account Deletion

You are able to delete an Avatar on a Game World yourself. Please note that this process takes 72 hours to complete and accessing the Avatar again during this time will automatically cancel the deletion. Deleting your Avatar on a Game World will not affect any achievements you have already earned, or any other Rail Nation worlds you are playing.

To start a deletion go to the Options menu that can be found in the form of a tools button at the top right of your screen. From the following menu that appears on the left-hand side select the “Transfer Gold/Delete Avatar” option.

The following screen will confirm how much remaining purchased gold and Plus Account time is available to transfer

In most cases, it is only possible to transfer Gold and Plus Account time to your own Avatar on Game Worlds of the same country, except for certain International Event Game Worlds where it may be transferrable to all Worlds.

If you are uncertain where your gold and plus can be transferred, more information is in “How to Transfer Gold in Rail Nation”, or you can contact Customer Service who will be able to advise you further.

After clicking the Delete Avatar button you will see a pop-up box confirming your request to delete the Avatar and reminding you that it takes 72 hours to complete the deletion.   The deletion timer will start once you have clicked "Ok", but logging into the Game World again will automatically stop the process.

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