Contacting Customer Service

Whenever you need some sort of help in game you always can contact our dedicated Customer Service team. It may be a simple question about a feature or a query regarding an issue, but they will always help you no matter the reason.

When you contact us it is very important that within first message you specify as many details as possible, which will clearly outline the query.

You can access the support portal directly from the game or by visiting and submitting a ticket. However, should you wish to report another player for sending an inappropriate message you can do so by clicking either the offending message or the player name from the channel and completing the screens from within the game.

From in-game Alternative

To open the support portal within the game click on the headphones button at the top right of your screen. If you are playing Rail Nation through the App you will be asked if you wish to go to a web browser.

On the following page select the “Submit a ticket” option and complete the details for your query.

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