Help with Videos

If you encounter an inappropriate video, have difficulty watching, or are concerned that you have not gained the reward, don't hesitate to contact Customer Service.  Please provide as much information as possible so that we are able to quickly locate the specific advertisement and investigate.


What is inappropriate?


Here is a short list of what should not be included in the videos:

  • Offensive, indecent, reputationally damaging or unlawful advertising,  
  • Advertising with erotic or pornographic content or content harmful to youths, 
  • Address fishing and subscription advertising 
  • Advertising for alcoholic products, tobacco and drugs.

However, if you have concerns about any video please contact us.


What information is needed?


Reports about inappropriate content must be described with as much detail as possible as this increases the chance of removing the undesired trailer quickly.  For example:

  • Game world  
  • Video ID  
  • Name of advertised brand/product  
  • the URL of the advertiser  
  • Screenshot  

Including the video ID is important as it makes it easier to identify the issue faster.  This can be found at the top left of the window and is in the form of a number.


Additional information for technical issues:   

  • Detailed description of the error  
  • Operating system and browser (version ) or App
  • Ad-blocker information  
  • Third-party blocker information  

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