How to save "Console" and "Network" log files

Sometimes, when you are facing problems in the game, it can be helpful if you can provide us with the “Console” and “Network” files from the browser development tools. This allows the problem to be investigated in detail. If this is required Customer Service will ask you for this information and advise you on how to obtain it.

In order to access the data, you first have to open the development tools for the browser tab you are playing Rail Nation in. So first make sure that the tab is active and then either press the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+I or just F12. For most browsers it's also possible to open it via the browser's menu (usually 3 lines or points). If you have never used this before the window will probably open attached to your browser window, however you can easily detach the tools via the menu into a separate window.

There are two tabs in the dev tools that we are interested in - firstly the “Console” and secondly the “Network” tab.

Console Network Sending us the Files

The “Console” log is easiest to use as it can just be opened after an error occurs and will record everything in the background. Open the dev tools via one of the shortcuts, and navigate to the console. With the right mouse button click into the displayed log and choose the last entry in the context menu.

For most browsers this is named “Save as…” however in Firefox for example it’s called “Export Visible Messages To” and then opens a sub-menu where you can chose “File”.

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