I think a player is violating game rules - what can I do?

If you think another player is breaking the game rules, you can report them in game and are then reviewed by Customer Service.

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If you want to report an in game message (IGM), whether it´s been sent directly to you or is within one of the city, regional or association forum channels, the easiest way is to do that is from the message itself.

Click on the message and the report option will appear:

Click on the button and choose if you want to report the player, or just ignore him. (Sometimes a combination of both is needed).

If you continue with "Report player", you now need to choose the correct reason for the report:

Available reasons:

Harassing behaviour
Insults or harassment.
Fraudulent behaviour
Fraudulent or a prohibited style of play.
Disruptive behaviour
The players behavior is disruptive (e.g. sabotage).
Inappropriate language
Using a language that is not accepted on the world.

After choosing the reason, you can check if the reported message is correct before selecting "Continue".

You should add more information in the comment section, e.g. why you believe this player is breaking the rules or other information that may be useful. If you think the player violated the rules without a specific message, please explain your assumptions in more detail here. The more information you can provide, the easier the investigation of the case will be.

When you click the "Send" button, it will be sent and handled.

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