Within your train station is a lottery building where you can scratch tickets to win special prizes to help build your empire.  If you are fortunate you may even win a large amount of gold in the Gold Rush!

You can get some lottery tickets for free through the daily bonus, or by collecting the bonuses for your fellow Association members.  If you need more then you can also buy them for gold.


As you gain more prestige your lottery building increases in level and you will find even more prizes available to win: 

Level 1+: Starting Level onwards
  • Gold Rush
  • Gold
  • 24 hours Plus Account
  • Research Points
  • In-game cash
  • Free engine voucher
  • Engine boost voucher
  • Waggon voucher
  • Instant dispatch voucher

Level 2+: 1,000 Prestige or more
  • Primus Bonus Engine
  • Cargo Bonus Engine
  • Passenger Bonus Engine (if available in the scenario)
  • Bonus engine upgrade voucher 
  • Vouchers to collect all trainspotters
  • Free engine upgrade
  • Cheaper building upgrade
  • Instant building upgrade voucher

Level 3+: 6,000 Prestige or more
  • HQ donation voucher
  • Passenger half waiting times voucher
  • The 3 bonus coins (more information here)

Level 4+: 20,000 Prestige or more
  • License voucher
  • Investment voucher
  • Mechanic voucher

Level 5+: 60,000 Prestige or more
  • Free track voucher

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