How to contact Customer Support?

Whenever you need some sort of help in game, may it be a simple question about the feature or something which is considered as a bug or else, you always can contact our dedicated customer support team. But when you decide to do so it is very important that in first message you specify as much as possible details which will clearly paint the picture for our agents and with that help your answer to arrive quicker.

Usual response time is within 24 hours (exceptions are possible).

If you are trying to send an email or use the support portal to get in touch with our customer support team, always try to select one of the categories which describe your issue/question and then make sure that you specify following details.

-Your account username

-Your avatar name

-Your gameworld

-Time and date

-Screenshots of the issue/game feature

You can access support portal directly from the game or by visiting

To open the support portal, in game click on the top right corner button with the headphones and question mark symbol.

Pop up window will show up, offering several options, FAQ and Top answers to various topics, if none of presented options is helpful, then click on “Contact support” in order to open the Support portal

Another window will open, showing the support portal. In here you can choose to see various explanations about the game features (WORK IN PROGRESS) and options to create new tickets.

Click on the green button option “New Support Ticket” to fill out your inquiry.

Once the “Submit a ticket” window opens, please select the Category, write the Subject and provide detailed description. Optionally you can attach files (screenshots and such).

IMPORTANT: If you are not logged in to the gameworld, and you are accessing support portal directly, the “Submit a ticket” window will contain more fields, and it will look like this.

In both cases, it is extremely important that you always specify as much as possible details about your topic/question and else.


Payment issues:

Unfortunate issues with the payments in game should always and only be communicated privately with our support agents by using official support portal. You should never reveal your banking and other sensitive data in public places such as Forum, Discord, Facebook and similar places.

Our shop options in most cases usually should instantly deliver the bought items, but always allow up to 10 minutes from the time of the purchase.

When it comes to such issues, please always first allow up to 24-48 hours before you report missing purchased goods (gold, special offers). If the purchased items do not arrive after 24-48 hours, then make sure that you contact our support by providing following details.

Besides usual required information such as username, avatar name and game world, your message should contain clear description and following information:

-Purchase type (eg. Gold package, special offer)

-Payment method used (which payment method you have used to make the purchase)

-Receipts and confirmations of the purchase (eg. Screenshot of the receipt or transaction ids)

-Time and date

-Other information (error pop ups, error codes and such)

Tip: In case of such malfunctions where the payment was successfully processed, and items didn’t arrive always first try reloading the game.


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